Who is Amudacreativedesigns?


I am a UK based Photographer/Art Director who resides in Birmingham.

I believe that creativity is a form of bringing out the essence of who a person is and helps to cultivate confidence and innovation. I have found expressing my innate eye for detail through photography and creative directing, brought along a strong team of people where the creativity was endless. This has brought me right here into creating this space, to provide a place for my services and also share my journey along the way with other likeminded creatives.

Why not check out the equipment I use and ideas behind my concepts. I hope your inspired, and it will get you out to go and share your creativity with the world also.

“Amudacreativedesigns supports others through their own creative journey. She applies hands-on assistance to individuals or groups looking to elevate via branding, photography, visual direction, social media management, content creation, and styling. She not only guides clients through the entire creative process, She also helps build strong team networks with passionate like minded creatives that have the ingenuity to come alongside in areas of Illustration, cinematography, copywriting, and print, to excel a creative idea to its full potential.”

Photography storytelling workshop @ madeinmim  Art exhibition -  Centrala

Photography storytelling workshop @madeinmim Art exhibition - Centrala

what services do you offer?

photography Services

I offer photography in the area of

Art Direction

I offer Art direction specifically in the area of fashion. I have experience in leading a design team to complete client brief for fashion campaign shoots, editorial submissions and social media designs to name a few. My work has been noticed in editorial publications such as Vogue Italia. I am able to work with you to bring your idea to life from concept to end result.

Photography Storytelling workshops

Through my work i have found that there are people that are not able to always afford a professional Photographer at the beginning stages of their work, so i have come up with the solution to hold workshops for individuals or groups that are seeking to put together a library of content for their startups. This is for those who are not to familiar with camera basics and how they can simply enhance an image. This workshop is recommended for those who want to have the opportunity to learn through peer to peer contact.

I deliver this with a different edge as I layout key creative design process ideas, showing ways to communicate your brand story through photography storytelling.

We go through the following

  • Camera settings

  • Take a photo opportunity and edit

  • The importance of storytelling through images

  • Composition

  • How to store images to maintain quality

  • The Making of a Instagram ready image

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