Timeless look: Women's Corduroy Suit

Suits are one of those outfits that have been going on for at least 400 years now, so I think its safe to say its a definite timeless look. I am someone who does not particularly buy clothes according to the trends, however its a bonus when the trends catch up with your style and deliver it well. Suits are definitely in my top ten capsule wardrobe list. The season of the “power suit” is spot on at the moment its comfy, and I love the way it can be styled up Or down with what footwear suits the occasion best. The win for me, will hands down have to be with trainers, or sneakers (depending on what side of the world you are from)

Suit :  Boohoo

Suit : Boohoo

Can you imagine the faces of the people in the 1800s witnessing the announcement that women are wearing suits, trousers even! So much has changed over time with how we dress. I have always enjoyed looking at the different expressions of fashion from a young age. i was told “i knew what I liked from what I did not.” People call this fussy, however i call it resolute! Whats your favourite timeless piece? Comment below

Suit:  Boohoo

Suit: Boohoo

I have put together below, 3 affordable suit pieces that will look great now and forever in your wardrobe x

Untitled design (8).png

1. Zara

Fuchsia Corduroy suit

Untitled design (6).png

2. & other stories

Red Straight fit Blazer

Untitled design (7).png

3 Zara

Checked Suit with Belt