Sitges Surprise

Hello to whoever is reading this right now………

Its been a while since writing on my blog, I know….better late than never so they say! Its been a battle of internal struggles, negative chatter of “why are people going to be interested in what you are sharing, or saying?”

But this is so cliche and so boring now, and I am able to identify that it is the voice of fear, which is the enemy that keeps us silent, and Ive decided to ignore it by taking steps forward….

So i am here ready to share with you and document helpful tips to inspire you guys to think and live beyond the fears, as i do to lol!!


A few months ago i had the opportunity to travel to Sitges to surprise my daughter at the Dance World Cup 2018. She was totally unaware that we was coming. She was under the impression that i could not make it to Spain, so as a family we will be routing and watching her online at home. Little did she know, mommy would not have missed this moment for the world!

She did so well alongside her dance school, Eloquent Praise and Empowerment Dance Company in a street dance Choreography against thousands around the world.

The School came third out of the whole world!! which is a Phenomenal achievement for young people at that age. This experience helped me to learn that it is important to cultivate lasting memories in our children, ones that they can recall back to put a smile on their face. What things do you like to do to hold memories with your family? Comment below it may be something i could incorporate into my family?

Sitges was such a great location to visit, i found that it was quite touristy, however it was a beautiful Residential area built up with apartments, houses, schools, parks that not only served tourists but also the people of Sitges alike.

I really enjoyed every moment of walking around the town, taking in the views, the historical lessons from the medieval architecture on display not to mention the beach! Sitges has been referred to as the Saint-Tropez of Spain. It felt quite LA looking to me (even though i have not been yet) I would definitely Recommend it for the family.


I have found that as i have gotten older and beginning to think differently about life, i have different destinations spots in mind. I take into account that i want to continue to Experience “the real life”. Meaning how do the people of the country live, or city i’m visiting. Questions arise such as How do they travel? what shops do they go to? what do they eat? what are the struggles, who are the reformers of the country? what is the vision for the country? how do you speak their language? who are the Renowned artists? I want to know and feel and Experience the history and the future of the country. even if it means not living altogether in my comforts, i want to be able to relate to the natives. what do you take into consideration when you choose a destination?


Obviously i could not of traveled all that way and not of got the great surprise on film. thanks to simplyAmayzn. I am able to share with you the journey of the trip below. enjoy x