The Power of network

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Firstly i would like to say hello to all those who have subscribed to the blog. Where has time gone though, how is it March already! I want to let you know you can expect a monthly post from me on here with some tips and advice i have learnt along the way that i think may be of some use. Also to my subscribers there will be extra giveaway content so stay tuned.

Last month i was given the opportunity to attend London Fashion week to be apart of the press team in the off schedule show for Fashion Finest.


Designer :  Ujjwala Bhadu  Model :  Magda Swider

Designer : Ujjwala Bhadu Model : Magda Swider

Designer :  Olya Sookie  Model:  Kiane Ashman-Swaby
Designer:  Caroline Perino  Model:  Natalie Nwagbo

I was super excited as i have always wanted to be apart of this industry so its a small step in the right direction i would say.

The whole show was organised with excellent attention to detail, props to CEO Deborah St Louis, the team, models and designers.


CEO :  Deborah St Louis  Photographer:  SimplyAmayzn

CEO : Deborah St Louis Photographer: SimplyAmayzn

Networking has never been my thing by nature, but who knows that when you have your own business its absolutely necessary that you are intentional about this very thing! It was through nothing but the giving of time, work and building networks that put me in a position to be able to attend the event.

Thanks to my work partner SimplyAmayzn i was able to get over myself after he had to say several times “man up” (which i think should be woman up because we all know women have the strength). I was able to do just that thank God, and connected with some people that i'm sure you will hear more about in the coming months.

So three tips learnt to take away

  1. Be intentional

  2. Surround yourself with people who will not give into your comfort zone

  3. If you don't have the above tell yourself in the mirror to man up, own the vision and mission and walk in it.

So lets practice the power of networking and drop a comment in the box below to say hi or share what things you do in order to get over yourself